The Case for Legalizing Prostitution

The question of whether or not prostitution should be legal in America has been a controversial topic for a long time. Even today the issue is routinely brought up to discuss the pros and cons of legalization. With organizations such as Business Insider explain the many benefits that could be seen from legalizing and legitimizing prostitution.

America is exceptionally interesting because prostitution has only been illegal for only 100 years. A change that was driven by the women’s Christian temperance union. An activist group who promoted women’s rights and Christian ideals. Their work began to sway American opinion away from prostitution, towards a much more negative view, that eventually led to states making prostitution illegal.

Although it became illegal, that doesn’t mean that it ever stopped. The criminalization of the practice only pushed the business underground, where it is completely unregulated. Facilitating the spread of STDs, and forcing women into stressful and dangerous situations just to make money to provide for their basic living needs. However if prostitution were legal and highly regulated with a focus on the wellbeing and protection of sex workers. Those individuals could potentially be given a chance to improve their quality of life and allow them with the opportunity to leave the business.

In short, prostitution is going to exist as it has for thousands of years. The best you policy is to allow prostitution, while regulating it so that sex workers can’t be exploited. Hopefully this will be the case someday and people will be able to escape from these situations, or improve their quality of life significantly.


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