Blog post ‘3’, VFX Soldier as a Source

In my first paper for English I wrote about visual effects subsidies and how some of the effects they are having on the industry as a whole. This involved finding many different sources on an issue that is really relatively new. This means that resources such as published books and articles in databases weren’t very helpful. Instead I had to rely primarily on sources gathered from the internet such as blogs, trade websites, and official company websites. One such website which provided a very thorough overview of the problem and a lot of useful information was a WordPress blog written under the title “VFX Soldier”.
This source is unique and interesting because superficially it seems as though it would be a lower quality source. It had some glaring red flags that need to be addressed, firstly it’s a blog; meaning that anyone can start it and begin writing about a subject without any real qualifications. The second thing to notice is the name of the blog. “VFX Soldier” seems somewhat unprofessional and might not be as serious or as thought out as other more traditional sources. However as you begin reading through and looking at the blog it begins to gain credibility. There’s a section dedicated to summarizing the problems in the industry. It’s filled with citations to the more traditional, authoritative sources that back up the bloggers claims.
Although this doesn’t meant that it’s a perfectly well rounded source. It is an activist site as such has a particular bias ingrained in it. The sources and narratives the blog uses focus on the individual perspective and downplays other perspectives such as the movie studios incentives or logic behind their actions. This leads to a fairly one sided source, which could be potentially damming if it weren’t for the fact that this particular subject is actually fairly one sided. But explaining both sides of an issue is an extremely important aspect in proving your point in a logical and balanced way.

VFX Soldier


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