Blog Post #6 – Thesis Statements

The thesis statement in the introduction of a paper is often times very important. It sets the scope of the paper and can be the main claim of a paper. The thesis statement can take many forms depending on the type of the paper and what needs to be expressed to the audience. Purdue University gives a good overview of the types of papers that probably require a thesis statement.

Since my topic is dealing with an issue I want to focus on my main claims. This will be a concise claim that will be supported further in the paper, in other words it is the focal point of the paper. My subject is the effects of subsidies on the Visual Effects industry. One thesis statement could be that Visual Effects subsidies harm the workers and families of the visual effects industry. Which would then be supported with evidence and various stories. A slightly broader claim would be that Visual Effects subsidies are eroding America’s rich film legacy. Which again would be supported throughout the paper. Both of these claims are relatively short and give the reader an idea of what the paper will be about.


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