The Importance of Visuals – Blog #7

Adding visuals to an argument is a flexible way to supplement a part of your paper that might be lacking or just needs an extra boost. These arguments can also be used to communicate a message that would be especially difficult to explain through text alone. An example of this might be a chart representing all of the Visual Effects companies that have closed over the last 10 years. This makes it easy for the audience to see exactly how big the problem is a quick and easy way. At least opposed to the alternative of stating every company or saying x amount of companies over 10 years. Or as with most news articles the visual could appeal to the emotion of the audience. For example, our textbook states “The ad uses visual narrative to convey both a casual and ethical argument. Through vivid, memorable scenes” (189).  This could help hook the reader or communicate the overall mood of an issue. There’s plenty of other ways visual arguments can be incorporated into a paper to make it better. Similarly, break out boxes can be used to either hold these visual supplements or improve the paper themselves through text; which might be a quote or relevant narrative that adds context to the topic. One example of a visual adding to the argument being made is an article by Derek Thompson titled “How Hollywood Accounting Can Make a $450 Million Movie ‘Unprofitable’”. A topic very closer to the subject of visual effects companies.


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