Blog #9 – Framing

No matter what you talk about or what arguments you read, everybody uses framing. They use a specific language and try and establish the mood that they intend for the paper to be seen in. Some of the more obvious examples of framing can be seen in issues that are very controversial such as abortion. Both sides will use differing language where they intend to downplay the weak points of their argument while amplifying their strongest points. For the most part though framing is a way of presenting information. It can be any way of presenting something that differs from stating the objective truth about something without being inaccurate. In some ways framing might be seen as a type of ‘controlled bias’. In visual effects framing is often used to paint a narrative where the movie studios are Goliath uncaring entity and visual effects studios are weak divides who are trying to fight back. They do this by using language that vilifies the actions of these entities while downplaying the normal economic forces that went into those decisions.

An example of this can be seen in a blog post by VFX soldier where he talks about the practices of a visual effects house. Some of the objective claims are that the studio isn’t paying overtime and might fire people for questionable reasons. However between these claims is a langue that berates the studio as making ‘stupid’ and saying it is probably the worst studio to work for. The author even goes as far as to compare the studio to Walmart, which again helps establish a David and Goliath narrative where the entity hurting visual effects artists is large, powerful, and potentially doing these things out of malice. I hope that this example helps highlight some of the ways that framing can be used to establish a mood or narrative to a paper while also letting the writing author the presentation of the facts to the reader.

For more information on framing, I found this to be an interesting article about framing that covers some interesting ways framing is used in politics to get a desired reaction.


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