Blog #10 – Reflection

Doing a blog has been an interesting experience. It feels like a good way to rapidly prototype ideas and discuss small things in an informal manner. The format excels at helping the individual think about a problem or topic for the first time. That isn’t to say that there weren’t drawbacks to it all. I did find myself in a couple situations where I wanted to talk more about a topic, but it was beginning to exceed the blog length format. Other than that however I enjoyed the blog as a way to explore a small snippet of a concept or to introduce myself to an idea like framing.

Truthfully however some blogs were more helpful and interesting than others. Some of my favorite blog ideas came from the first couple blogs that we did. Where focusing on the more fundamental writing aspects and the main claims of our topics were discussed. The blog post that covered source credibility was exceptionally beneficial because it provided a clear incentive to look up a mildly interesting topic. Before that blog post I might have been interested in some of the characteristics that make some sources more trustworthy than others. Though I wouldn’t have had the level of interest necessary to look it up myself in my free time.

One of my least liked blog posts however were those that focused on summarizing a chapter while demonstrating something that was talked about in the chapter. I can see the academic value of an assignment like this and think it’s a good way to identify and clear up any misunderstanding a student has. Yet compared to other more idea oriented blog posts I would have to say that these were my least favorite.

The general feeling of the blogs turned out to be more about refinement. That they helped refine a specific skill that we might need for an upcoming paper or a skill that is just generally considered useful. I especially liked blog post #2, where we were given a chance to develop our own small argument; I feel as though that helped me understand the different scopes arguments can take. Although I’m fairly confident that all of the different blog posts helped with something.


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